Circle Lens Guide

What are circle lenses?
Circle lenses are cosmetic lenses with a dark outer rim that makes your iris look bigger and thus making your eyes look bigger.

Are circle lenses safe?
They are as safe as regular contact lenses. However, do beware of fake circle lenses.

Can people with prescription wear circle lenses?
Yes. Most circle lenses do come with prescription. Only a few styles are only available in plano.

Can I wear circle lenses with glasses?
Yes. Just get non-prescribed (plano) lenses.

I have astigmatism. Can I wear circle lenses?
You can wear toric lenses (which are more expensive) or if you only have a little astigmatism then regular circle lenses will be fine (although your vision will be slightly off, so don't drive!!).

How long do circle lenses last?
It depends on brand and style.

General Tips:
- when you first get your lenses, soak them in contact solution (not the solution it came in) for at least a day prior to wearing
- never wear torn lenses! even if it's just a tiny rip
- dry sensitive eyes? carry eye drops with you
- like all lenses, don't wear them for over 12 hours at a time (usually recommended to only wear up to 6-8 hours). your eyes need to breathe(:
- always soak your lenses in clean contact solution after wearing
- do not wear expired lenses! (either up to their lifespan from the day you opened or the expiration date if they're unopened)

Got more questions? Feel free to ask in comments below(:


  1. I love how they actually looks, but im afraid to buy one, i feel like now i can with this. I also do wear glasses so now with this i can buy mine without problem...

    Thank u so much, i really admire you...

    By the way, hope it works for the giveaway.

  2. how did you make those cute rating hearts? :)
    I love rimmel lipsticks!

  3. I got a couple pairs of circle lens...and all of them are really irritating to wear >.<

    Either it feels like there is a microscopic rip or I am wearing hurts D: ...only my hypersize black feels fine...everything else feels crappy

  4. Those are adorable. I didn't know there were so many rules that went along with wearing lenses. Good information!

  5. thanks so much for these guides! :D i'm planning on ordering eos adult brown soon :] and will definitely use these great tips. and enter me for the giveaway please ;]

  6. i really really want to try circle lenses, thanks so much for this post!!!

  7. like ur status dollhouse
    when are u gonna update your sale items??
    i always look for ur update ^^

  8. I've always wanted to buy these. ): Never had the chance. Now, I'm too lazy to even put the ones I have on for school every morning.

  9. I didn't know these existed! How strange! I don't think I would ever be able to pull these off. I'm already told I have big eyes, that they remind them of cow eyes :/

    Enter me in you Harajuku Lovers Giveaway, Please :)

  10. Aw man... I have astigmatism, so-

    well, I don't have my license yet either, so i won't be driving with these any time soon. I think I'll order a pair after all.

    enter me in your giveaway~

  11. Thanks for your tips! They're really helpful for people who are first time circle lens users :D

  12. I've never worn contact lens or glasses but I am so tempted to see how I look with a different eye colour 8->

  13. i LOVE the geo angel series :) i have them in violet and blue.

    also, i am wearing the nudy brown ones right now :) they make my eyes look lighter and it looks good with eyeliner but other times may seem too light. love the halo effect too

    - angie

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  15. I've been looking for those circle lenses in the post picture. What are those called? Funny how this was one of the first sites Google images took me to and those are the exact pair I want.

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  17. I got circle lenses last week. My right contact is just fine; however my left contact always irritates my eye and makes it red, causing it to produce mucuous as if it is a foreign object to my left eye only. I rinsed it several times with my contact solution, but it doesn't seem to work. What is the problem?

    By the way, thank you so much for sharing.

  18. Actually, they are NOT safe -- they can really damage your eyes, and it's not even legal to sell them in the U.S. Check it out, from the New York Times:

  19. Yes, see above, you are going to blind yourself just so you can look 'cute' (subject to opinion by the way) these are NOT safe, NOT FDA approved and CAN damage your vision FOREVER.

  20. They're dangerous if people choose not to go get their correct perscription and wear for extensive periods of time.
    This goes the same for normal contacts.
    The difference is that circle lenses are more easily obtained without having to get a correct perscription.
    They're dangerous due to the faults of people and not the lenses themselves.

    But if you feel so strongly about them being dangerous then I agree that your vision is priceless and you should not wear them.

  21. lol Aww i had no idea that these lenses where such trends, but they are actually cool. i find this to be very fascinatingly intriguing. i love it!<3

    plzzz enter me in for give awayyy, i would love to try your product.

  22. Hi. Where or who do u order ur lenses from?

  23. how can you tell when your lenses are expired?

  24. Hi, can you advise me some brand to buy online? thanks! :)

  25. Hi, can you advise me some brand to buy online? thanks! :)