Dolly Wink

I absolutely love Tsubasa Masuwaka and I love wearing fake lashes so needless to say I obviously love her brand Dolly Wink!

I've been wanting to try the lashes since they came out but sadly they don't sell it here and most of the prices online are very expensive :(
But Alice was really sweet and got me the eyelash case!
She ordered it along with her stuff from, which has the most reasonable prices I've seen online for Dolly Wink products.

I love the packaging and the case itself is so cute! Pink with black polka dots and bow!
Thank you so much hun!♥

&I don't know what to do with my bangs!
I kind of want a full fringe but it never stays in place


  1. aww you look so cute :)
    did you get them online or somewhere in Toronto? Cause i live in Toronto and would love to get my hands on dolly wink products!

  2. the pictures are so cute! i also want full fringe again, i have too much bangs...

  3. i love fake lashes!
    want to try them,but unfortunately they don't sell it here in the Netherlands.

  4. fake lashes are awesome ! ;D
    youre pretty !
    &thankyou for your comment ^^

  5. yeah, I like it. but I bought the wrong shade, it was too dark on me so I use it only as a bronzer. >.<'

    btw, I love to see your everyday make up tutorial. ;)

  6. yay for another toronto blogger! :)
    the lashes look really nice on youu

  7. I love fake lashes too!:D

    Loving the #4.:D

    Will now be following your blog, follow mine too?:D

    Check out my blog!
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  8. Ooooh... you're so kawaii ne! I do love fake lashes too and fortunately here in Singapore, we can get loads of them for a great price. The ones featured here are slightly more expensive and they're available in our local drugstore and Sasa.

    I love experimenting with fake lashes once in a while, esp during dinner functions, halloween etc.

  9. kawaii <3 I love fake lashes!!! I should check out

  10. A place in North York opened recently that offers Dolly Wink products:

    L'amour Beauty
    5365 Yonge Street