Candy Magic Grey Review -

My package arrived in a yellow bubble envelope in less than 10 business days!
I think it was relatively quick as shipping from USA to Canada generally takes 1-2 weeks.

Inside were my Candy Magic Grey circle lenses and freebies!♥
Lens case, Lioele samples, and fake lashes! - these items are generally given out as promotional gifts.

The more you buy = the more rewards!
  • Buy 1 pair of lenses = Receive 1 free lens case
  • Buy 2 pair of lenses = Receive 2 free lens cases + 1 pair of false eyelashes OR 2 free lenses cases and Lioele 3-step total face makeup sample kit (pearl shimmer base, fresh sunscreen spf 45pa++, and beyond solution bb cream)
  • Buy 3-4 pairs of lesnes = Receive 3-4 free lenses cases + 1 pair of false lashes + Lioele 3-step makeup samples kit
  • Buy 5 pairs of lenses = Receive 5 free lenses cases + 1 pair of false lashes + FULL SIZE Lioele Waterdrop BB Cream + more Lioele Samples

Candy Magic Grey
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
♥ ♥ ♥
Enlarging Effect: ♥ ♥ ♥
♥ ♥

Comments: These lenses make your eyes look huge! They are 14.5mm in diameter with a thick black rim which really emphasizes the enlarging effect. I especially like how they look in pictures!
The comfort level is also decent - I think they are around the same as Geo lenses but less comfortable than Barbie Eye or T.Top lenses. I can wear Barbie Eyes to a theatre and watch a movie but I definitely would not with these ones. Overall, I do like these lenses and I definitely recommend them to people who want to achieve the dolly eye look!

The owners of are Christine and Michelle. I've personally only spoken to Christine and she was extremely nice and replied all my emails very quickly as well (within 24 hours).

What I really like about their store is that shipping is always $3.75 (within USA and Canada) or $4.75 (for anywhere else) regardless of how many pairs you purchase. That's an amazing deal as shipping fees can get very pricey.

All their plano lenses are in-stock so you don't have to wait ages just for your lenses to be shipped. They also do very quick batches for lenses with prescription - they got my lenses within 2 weeks and most batches I've joined in the past take around a month!

Currently they only sell EOS lenses but EOS has some of my favourite designs so this doesn't count as a downfall for me. They even carry the "Candy" or "Dolly Wink" series (Tsubasa Masuwaka wears in the Dolly Wink ads) which I'm dying to try!

Also be sure to check out the contest they're having where you can
win up to
$100 in store credit!
Visit for more details!

DISCLAIMER: These lenses were sent to me by As always, my review is 100% honest.


  1. The lenses look cute! And I'll have to check out the site, because who doesn't love freebies? :P

  2. awwr thx you

    u have such a cute blog *_*

  3. Ooo, those lenses are pretty :D

  4. thank you :D hehe your eyes look so sweet and dolly! these lenses look great

  5. Hi Ally,

    Thanks for stopping by at my blog. i am also on the look out for grey circle lenses. Have you seen to Te amo lenses? I really like them.

    Thank you for sharing =)

  6. the lenses look real cute on you! :)

  7. hi lovee, thanks for following and leaving such sweet comments on my blog.

    Your eyes look gorgeous! love the contacts and your eye makeup!

    p/s I'm now following you too ^^

  8. This is an awesome review C: !
    I have also bought these lenses but from a different store (and through a help from a friend!) :3 ! I find them really comfortable - despite them being my first ever contacts. And I love how they make your eyes look so much bigger than they already are! :)

    Those eyelashes look so awesome! I think I'm going to check this store out! :D

    (Thanks for commenting! I love your blog ..and I'm going to follow it now C:)

  9. I love those lenses! They look really pretty on you~

    You mentioned that you have lenses in this post, could you please review them as well?

  10. The lenses look good on you! Definitely suits you. :)

  11. Question! So which brand/type of circle lenses are more comfortable to wear for longer time periods (like in your example: watching a movie)? I'm really interested in buying a pair, but I'm unsure as to which ones are the more comfortable ones.