T.Top Sunshine Brown Review

T.Top Sunshine Brown Circle Lenses
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Enlarging Effect: ♥ ♥
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I would definitely recommend these lenses for people who like the more natural look. The pattern is very subtle yet definitely adds a twinkle to your eyes. Comfort is decent but I do feel them there throughout the day. The biggest problem for me is that they tend to slide out of place when I move my eyes quickly. The pattern of the lenses is quite translucent, making them more natural looking than opaque lenses, but consequently also making it more likely to show the whites of your eyes. The dark rim adds a nice enlarging effect but I would still say these lenses are one of the most natural looking ones I've tried. Personally, these would be perfect daily lenses (for school, work, etc.) if only they didn't slip out of place as much.


  1. These contact lenses are gorgeous ! But then I'm not too sure if I would actually wear them because I like the non-natural look xD

  2. you are so goegeous <3 the lenses look so big and natural. i love it!