Sleek Original Palette Review + Swatches

(Some of the colours look almost identical in these swatches but they are all different when seen in person!)

First off I want to say I LOVE this palette! For those who don't know, Sleek is a drugstore brand in the UK. This palette is not only affordable but the quality is amazing! The eyeshadows are so soft and creamy and highly pigmented (my swatches seriously do them no justice but it was the best picture I took out of the bunch). Without a doubt, this palette consists of the best drugstore eyeshadows I have ever tried. The palette has a mirror on the lid and includes a double ended sponge tip applicator. The Sleek website says that the eyeshadows are best applied with the enclosed applicator but I prefer using a brush. To my knowledge, there aren't any stores in Canada that carries Sleek so I had to buy my palette online. The additional shipping cost made it less of a great deal however nonetheless worth it!

- Gorgeous range of colours
- Highly pigmented
- Affordable
- Sleek packaging (great for travel)
- Easy to blend
- Does not crease
- Good lasting power

- Only available online unless you're in the UK
- I personally dislike the grid pattern on the eyeshadows

Overall Rating: A (definitely recommended)!

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  1. Wow! I didn't know that drugstores has affordable pallets. O-o Maybe I should go out more and check my drugstore. Lol. The swatches looks really nice! Would love to try it if possible. Great review btw! :)