BornPrettyStore Stamping Nail Art Review

1) Dual Double Sided Stamping Nail Art Stamper & Scraper $3.03

2) New Spot Design Nail Art Stamp Template-m79 $2.99

3) White & Black Color Nail Art Stamping Polish Nail Varnish Stamp $3.41

1. Apply nail polish over the design you want on the metal template 
2. Scrape off the extra polish with the metal scraper or a business card 
3. Stamp the stamper on the template so it transfers the design 
4. Stamp the design to your nail

I am very happy with the template I chose because the designs on it are gorgeous! A better picture of it can be found here. I chose the double sided stamper because I thought it would be more convenient to have two sides to work with as opposed to one and the larger side is also great for stamping large designs. I unfortunately do not own Konad so I cannot compare the two different stampers. I also did a little comparison test on the stamping polish vs normal polish and found that the stamping polish was a bit easier to work with but the downfall is that there are limited colours of it. A good alternative of stamping polish would be any thick opaque nail polish.

TIP #1: Use a business card instead of the metal scraper to prevent scratching the metal template.

TIP #2: Remember to apply a top coat over your design so it lasts longer!

- Affordable (all 3 items for $10!)
- Makes an interesting manicure
- Huge variety of template designs
- Free worldwide shipping!

- Takes a lot of practice and patience to master (for me anyways)

DISCLAIMER: Items were sponsored by Born Pretty Store for review purposes. I am not getting paid for this review and I do not earn commission on sales. As always, my review is 100% honest.


  1. ^^ Thankyou for the review! The products seem really lovely. :D I have a similar stamper from ebay.

  2. How does it compare to Konad? :)
    The price is really reasonable!

    1. i do not own konad so i can't compare unfortunately :(

  3. Oo, cute designs! :) Makes me want to try but I don't really do my nails.. :(

    1. I know what you mean! I use to never want to do my nails

  4. This is so awesome!
    It looks very pro
    made c: I like it!